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Fire Department

Members of the department respond to an average of 800 calls per year. 

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The Early records show the first fire department in Nash County was established in Spring Hope in 1908, and for eight years it was the only fire department in the county until the Nashville Fire Department was established in 1916. In the early years, the department did exactly what its name implied: they put out fires. Today, however, the department’s training and calls include medical calls, motor vehicle accidents and a multitude of other emergencies.



The Spring Hope Department, Fire Station 6, currently has 20 volunteer members and several paid part-time employees. Youth ages 14-17 are encouraged to join the junior department. The department is staffed Monday thru Friday from 8 am – 5 pm by paid part-time employees. In addition to answering calls, these employees conduct pre-fire incident planning for area businesses and industries, fire prevention, station, and equipment maintenance, and are also available to assist the public at the station.

Members of the department respond to an average of 800 calls per year. Approximately 65% of the calls are medical first responder calls; other calls include fire alarm activations, motor vehicle crashes, vehicle fires, grass & wood fires as well as structure fires. The state requires firefighters to complete at least 36 hours of training each year. Applications are available at the station for all ages!

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